About us

Oog & Blik is the graphic novel imprint of The Busy Bee (De Bezige Bij).

The Busy Bee is one of the leading literary publishers in the Netherlands for both Dutch and translated literature, fiction and non-fiction.

During the Second World War, Geert Lubberhuizen gathered a group of students in the city of Utrecht and set up a small press. With their publications they financed their resistance movement. The Busy Bee was founded officially in December 1944. After the war had ended, the publisher established itself as an author’s cooperative at the Van Miereveldstraat in Amsterdam. In these elegant premises the publishing house still resides and continues to go from strength to strength. The Busy Bee is run by Henk Pröpper.

Oog & Blik publishes a wide range of the very best of Dutch and Flemish graphic novels: from the famous works of Joost Swarte and Ever Meulen, to the more political work of Judith Vanistendael and Milan Hulsing, from the autobiographical works of Michiel van de Pol and Maaike Hartjes, to the historical work of Peter van Dongen and Erik de Graaf. The same applies to the list of translated graphic novels: the all time classic Maus of Art Spiegelman is side by side with the post modern love storys of Craig Thompson, the extrovert underground of Robert Crumb greets the introvert analysis of Chris Ware. In this impressive variety of styles, there is one common feature: quality. We always aim for books carrying the Oog & Blik logo to be the best in their category.

The Busy Bee also has a number of other publishing activities. Under its wing, and under the same roof, one finds the following publishers: Thomas Rap (sports, music and stand-up comedy), Cargo (crime fiction, upmarket fiction and narrative non-fiction), Zoem (audio books), Oog & Blik (graphic novels). Lido and Ludion (art books).